October, 2015

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Creating Your Wedding Day Unique and Exciting

Wedding Preparation

Wedding is all about you but with all the ideas that flooded in internet it is hard to decide which one is suitable for you. Wedding is a dream comes true for many women. However, preparing for the said event is not an easy task. You need take a lot of things to consider especially if you want a unique and exciting wedding photos.

All About WeddingThe first thing that you need to come up is the venue and reception. Basically, the venue and reception area is where you will celebrate the event with your guest so it is important that you chose the right one. When choosing one it is important that you pick according to the theme, number of guest and your budget. Think outside the box, there are unconventional venues that offer great venue. You can choose an art gallery, old theater house, zoo or even industrial builders that offer decaying and rustic background which is ideal if you want to have a rustic-modern wedding. The decoration that you are going to fill the venue will create an amazing ambiance so choose carefully. When deciding with your décor you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars. You just need to be creative and resourceful. For example, for an old theater house you can barrow some antique candelabra and chandelier from your friends and family. These unconventional venues don’t require a lot of décor because the venue itself is already a charm. If you choose to have a burn wedding make sure that you are going to have the wedding in summer. Farm can be a little messy and dirty during season.

When it comes to ceremony, you should think first if you are going to follow the traditional one. However, if you want something memorable you could probably perform a dancing entrance together with your entourage. You also have options with the minister; you can choose pastor, priest, and other licensed person. Ceremony doesn’t need to be traditional; you can personalize everything depending on your taste.

You also need to think of your transportation. If you are a modern and adventurous couple you can always opt for exotic cars. How about renting a sports car? Or probably a hummer limousine? Do you want to be the talk of the town? Ride a carriage with fine details. If you saw the movie Cinderella you could probably copy the idea. However, it requires you a lot of money to build one. But if you don’t mind spending a fortune, then this is for you.

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