Choosing for Mehndi Decoration Inspiration

Types of Mehndi Ideas

MehndiMehndi or henna in one’s body, according to tradition, is used to ward off evil at the same time attract prosperity and good luck. No wonder that this kind of tradition is being observed by most brides before they sit on the mehndi stage at the day of their wedding. If you are looking for appropriate design, you can make use of the information available at for Indian mehndi designs.

Before you decide which type of design you will choose, let’s walk through the different mehndi types that you might consider.

1. Indian
Among all the mehndi designs, Indian mehndi is the most popular not only because they have big population but also because of its diverse design. Indian’s mehndi is ranging from simple to complicated designs. It is characterized with big dot in either the back of the woman’s hand or at the palm’s center. Fingertips are also covered with mehndi or henna. Complicated mehndi designs are made especially for weddings and nikka.

2. Arabic
Unlike the complicated nature of the Indian mehndi, this type of henna is really simple. The designs are mostly consisting of flowers, leaves and vines. You can also choose to have designs in your legs down to your foot. What sets the Arabic mehndi from the Indian one is the outlines. Most designs neither are filled with henna; it is just an outline. Because it is only outlined, the design could easily dry.

3. Pakistani
This type of mehndi is just a distant relative of Arabian and Indian mehndi. Pakistani’s decorations are in a way a merger of its distant relatives. Usually, brides wear mehndis for wedding celebration but not really limited to that. Children could also wear simple version of this mehndi during the celebration of the festival called Eid.

If you have not decided yet which design you will choose, try checking for mehndi decoration to get more guidance. You can choose from the pictures that are posted in their sites. Visit DesiWeds for more ideas.


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