Deciding Factors When Choosing the Best Wedding Bouquet in San Diego, CA

Make the Right Wedding Bouquet Decisions

With many types of bridal bouquet that you can choose from, you may find it confusing on knowing which one suit you best. Below are deciding factors that you can follow when selecting the best wedding bouquet in San Diego, CA that you can have.

wedding flowersThe size of the bouquet affects the size of your hips as well. Since you will hold your wedding bouquet an inch from your hip, you can use this as a guide. If you want your hips to look bigger, choose a small bouquet and vice versa.

Your height and body size is also a factor when choosing the right bridal bouquet. If you are petite, a teardrop bouquet or a composite one will lengthen your body’s silhouette. Large round posies work best for brides with tall physique. If you are full figured, cascades and tear drops are great choices.

Not only should yours, the height of your groom must also be noted. If your groom is taller than you even if you are already wearing heels, then there is no problem with any type of bouquet you use. But if he is smaller or with the same height as yours, avoid teardrop and trailing and go for a round posy instead.

The type and size of wedding dress is another deciding factor for the best wedding bouquet in San Diego, CA. Bigger bouquets like round posies work best for bigger dresses. If you have a slim silhouette dress, small posies or one with simple bunches are great choices. But with a dress full of embellishments, it is better to have a simple bouquet not to over decorate your appearance. Flowers can also be use for wedding backdrop for your photo booth. For more kind of flowers and amazing florists you can visit


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