The Do’s and Don’t of Decorating Wedding Luxury Transportation in San Francisco, CA

Decorating Wedding Luxury Transportation

11Wedding is a festive celebration and it is suggested to make it colorful. One way to make it possible is to put decoration in your wedding luxury transportation in San Francisco, CA. Just like venues, wedding transportation should be decorated to set the mood and bring the festivities to life. However, there are some things that you need to consider in decorating a wedding vehicle.

Below are list of decorating do’s and don’ts that will ensure the wedding luxury transportation is dressed up without getting messed up.


  •         Do ask the transportation company about decorating the vehicle. Avoid decorating the wedding luxury transportation in San Francisco, CA without asking permission from the company. It is crucial to ask the company about the guidelines for decorating so you don’t break any rules. This will also help you to avoid any penalties that will cost you another dollar. Some companies may take this opportunity to for extra money because of breaking the contract and you don’t want to happen this.
  •         Do the cleaning after using the vehicle. This doesn’t mean that you need to take the car to a car wash shop. By removing decorations before the end of the night will be appreciated by the limo company. You may assign some trusted persons to do the task so that you can take a rest after the wedding celebration.
  •         To add something that will beautify the vehicle aside from using flower you can put window decals. This is commonly suggested by rental companies because they are easy to put on, easy to get off and don’t cause any damage to the vehicle. However, you don’t need to over decorate the wedding luxury transportation in San Francisco, CA the vehicle is already beautiful.


  •         Avoid using tape on the windows. This is possibly the biggest mistake that you can commit in terms of decorating a car. The tape usually leaves behind a sticky residue that is difficult to get off. Keep in mind that using that kind of material inside of the windows can damage the tint which means that you will be paying for the said damage.
  •         Don’t use decorations with dyes and markers. It is important to avoid this type of decoration materials because it could transfer to the surfaces of the wedding luxury transportation in San Francisco, CA and cause damage.
  •         Don’t decorate the front of the limo. Though you can put few flowers at the front of the vehicle but make sure that it is not too much or huge because it can obstruct the driver’s vision and cause distractions that could lead to an accident. If it is impossible to put the décor at the front you may want to consider keeping all decorations on the back half of the vehicle. Avoid using balloons as decoration.

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