Easy-to-Forget Items to Put in Your Wedding Planning List

What are the Things that You Sometimes Forget?

All About WeddingIf you think that you are doing everything in the exact ways, you may sometimes forget things that really matter. You don’t want to end up shouting who is in-charge in getting those things for your big day. This can be a really huge matter that will ruin your wedding planning. If you want to make sure that you have everything under control, put the following easy-to-forget and something overlooked items on your to-do list.


Make sure there’s a plan to pick them up from the jeweler and get them to the ceremony. Often the groom entrusts the best man with this. During the ceremony, the bride’s maid/matron of honor tends to the groom’s ring. Seldom is a ring bearer entrusted with the rings; that’s a little too much responsibility for a little guy!

Marriage Certificate

Don’t leave home without it. Unless you’ve made prior arrangements to get the certificate to the officiant, someone will need to make a trip home to retrieve this all-important document if you show up without it. Some officiants will ask you to bring it to the rehearsal – not a bad idea to ensure it gets in the proper hands.

Ceremony Itinerary

You may know exactly when the show gets under way, but other don’t know when you expect them to be at the ceremony site – aside from making it by the time noted on the invitation. Instead of keeping them guessing – and making them and their families a little irritated – make an itinerary for the day’s events and distribute it to the attendants, family members, and key players several weeks before the wedding. This handy piece of paper isn’t only a courtesy for your wedding party; it will also alleviate countless last-minute phone calls that you’ll need to tend to.

Fees and tips

You’ll likely dole out a lot of money on your wedding day. Fees, gratuities, and honorariums for the officiants, musicians, servers, photographers and so forth are typically given after the event. Place the respective payment in an envelope with the person’s name written on the outside. Typically, the best man does out the money, so give the envelopes to that person or another preappointed person, along with some bills for tips for people who go above and beyond.

Survival kit

Pack a small bag with the little things you can never seem to find when you need them most: aspirins, safety pins, a pair of black socks for the groom and groomsmen, a pair of panty hose for the bride or bridesmaids, facial tissue, small scissors, dental floss, an extra pair of contact lenses – anything you can think of that you would be very sorry if you didn’t have. Don’t wait until your wedding day to pack the bag because you’ll be too distracted or harried to really pay attention to what needs to go in it.

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