Perks of Having JoeyT Photography as your Photographer in Houston TX

Perks of JoeyT’s Photography in Houston TX Weddings

JoeyT Photography in Houston TX provides a very friendly aura on your wedding day. Unlike other photography companies who deliver their services blandly, JoeyT will always have the heart and the creativity to capture unexpected memories to highlight the essence of your wedding day. They are built to have the best photos taken to share a story and to promote creativity in the future after all the special things have passed the time.

JoeyT Photography in Houston TX weddings have different services offered. They do not only take pictures but they cover the wedding and the special moments on the reception as well. This photography company also offers photo booths that the couple and their friends would enjoy. There are more perks done depending on how the couple would like it to be. They are full of great surprises that you will definitely love.

With the starting price of $2700 you will have an album, a video, a prenuptial and postnuptial photo shoot, photo booth and soft copy photos. These are not only ordinary photos but photos with different style. These are the portrait photos of the interesting events or guests and even the stolen shots of the couple themselves. They also deliver amazing shots from good background scenes.

photographerThe albums that they will provide vary from leather, acrylic or metal. These photo albums are something that you can flaunt and keep for the rest of your lives. The beauty of the photos they capture are astonishing and will surely melt your heart after opening

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