Three Popular Styles of Vintage Wedding and Engagement Rings in Houston, TX

Vintage Wedding and Engagement Ring Styles

There are just so many things that you need to consider when it comes to buying ideal wedding and engagement rings in Houston, TX. You need to decide about the style that you want. Would you go for a modern, vintage or subtle look? There are just so many styles that you can choose from. After you think about the style, the next thing that you need to determine would be the details of the ring which include the color, setting and cut.

wedding and engagement ringsToday, vintage rings are getting more and more in demand in the market. There are a lot of vintage engagement rings that are for sale in the market today which you can also see the photographs through online stores. In order to create a unique look, vintage rings are designs with a modern look into them. The following are the three popular styles of vintage wedding and engagement rings in Houston, TX that you need to know:

Milgrain – This is a small detail in the ring that will make a huge impact. This means a thousand grains which is the best interpretation of the effects that it provides to the ring. This style is usually found on the edges of rings or the ones that surrounds the side stones. This is very popular in antique rings since it requires experienced and skilled craftsmanship to create. It provides the ring with a softer and more feminine look and erases any harsh edges.

Pave setting – This is a ring setting technique wherein the ring is covered with tiny diamonds. This style is one of the most sought after even though it takes a lot of time to create. As compared to a ring with no pave setting and a single large diamond, the carat weight of the ring is much lighter.

Halo – This style have a border of smaller stones which surrounds the main center stone. Usually, halo rings are round or square in shape but they can be created in many shapes. Halo rings are common in vintage wedding and engagement rings in Houston, TX. Find other designs through

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